24 February 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: Oil War

OK folks. Help me out here. This week's game is Oil War from SPI. Given my love for all things modern in the wargaming world, it's probably a shock I don't have it. That said, I know a store that has 2 - yes, two! - copies of it for sale. I've been talking myself out of getting it for a long time, on the the theory that "I'm probably never going to play it, and it's not a compelling enough collector's item that I want to sink any money into it." So help me out here with your thoughts: Is it worth getting? Will I actually want to play it? Or is it just more hypothetical rubbish about a conflict-heavy part of the world with an excuse to put the Americans in the game?

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By: Brant


Brian said...

Well, I would say that it's "of its time", just as Revolt in the East was - interesting speculations on a theme that did not pan out anything like history did, but still worth looking at.

You should probably snap up a copy if it's cheap, just for interest's sake if nothing else - there have been efforts to update it as well, e.g. http://www.dvgc.com/gk/oil_war.zip

besilarius said...

Never tried it myself, but knew about three or four guys who bought it.
None of them reported on any replay.
Unless you want it for your collection, or as a curiousity, my suspicion is that this was not a good game.

Anonymous said...

I played it back in the 80s. As I recall it was focused on what the gulf war might have been back in 1979. One scenario had Iran and Iraq allied against NATO making them tough to beat with f-14s. I'm a casual hammer but it does have nostalgia.