10 February 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: Operation Iraqi Freedom

Mark Walker's Operation Iraqi Freedom came as a print-and-play game with a 2004 issue of Armchair General, back when they actually cared about games over there.
Also from a bygone era is the artwork, from back before Eskubi was contractually prevented from working with LNLP.

You can go get your own copy over at Armchair General's website.

Anyone out there played this one? Anyone out there played this one that was also on the ground during the operations that would like to offer some comparisons for us?

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By: Brant


Brian said...

I may sound churlish, in fact I know I do, but I don't belong to the Eskubi fan club.

Certainly his little men and clankity-tanks look great blown up to several inches square on a computer screen, as you have shown them here (and they probably look even better blown up to 6" square when he is working on them), but IMO it's silly to expect the fine details he overloads his images with to come out well on a half-inch counter.

The counters are far too busy too, at least for my fading eyes: Look at the 16th AA counter in the second row.

We have the national colour (sand) plus a national flag in one corner for good measure, a NATO symbol in the other corner, tiny formation ID over on the side, and the big beefy para in the middle. The combat and movement factors, the numbers you actually need to know, are crammed down in the corners and take up about 5 percent of the whole counter (100 square mm of the counter's 1,850 square mm). (The Iraqi 18th Division troopie in the second picture is about to step on his combat factor, bending it and making it even smaller.)

Again IMO it's ridiculous to use icons in an operational-strategic scale game, when he was given my Battle for China and Arriba Espana games to do for DG we got a little man in overalls carrying a rifle to represent a Chinese army of 30,000.

Okay Rant Mode off, I don't have the game. I understand there was also an Iraq 2003 invasion game by Tetsuya Nakamura in the Japanese Game Journal #1 (English rules are available).

Kevin (The Big Board) said...

phew lucky u did not buy it.
I think the data is clear. counters look good. I can see numerals - might be nice to be a different color to denote types but 2 # on a counter! what a relief.
country flag got it, and nato designation go it. art work adds theme. some wargamers i guess just need numbers and nato symbols I like the feel of the narrative wanting to explode off of each counter AWESOME. I may go get this little one.