08 February 2012

Jamaica is Melting Down Seized Weapons

In an effort to reduce gun violence, the Jamaican government is melting down the seized weapons.

Jamaica has melted down about 2,000 illegal firearms as part of a programme to reduce gun trafficking and violent crime on the island.

The pistols and revolvers were thrown into a furnace in the capital Kingston, watched by police and officials from the government and the UN.

Jamaica has one of the highest rates of gun crime in the world.

Correspondents say criminal gangs are often as well armed as the security forces.

Officials said about half a ton of ammunition would also be destroyed in the operation.

Many of the guns had been seized in police operations. However, old firearms from police, military and prison personnel were also destroyed to ensure they did not end up in the hands of criminals.

I can't help but wonder if all this is doing is increasing the cost of an illegal .45 in Kingston.

By: Brant

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Matt Purvis said...

If only guns were the source of violent crime.