26 May 2010

Good Thoughts on Norks from Opposed Systems Design

Opposed Systems Design - a nice blog with a lot of game design content - has a good, short article about dealing with the Norks.

The problem is that no one has a storyline for how to fix the status quo. Until we have that, we cannot coordinate action or make credible threats to the North Koreans. If we had an agreement among all the regional powers about how we would deal with a collapse of North Korea, then we would have the initiative. Currently North Korea has all the initiative and consequently we’re always reacting to the crises it starts. With a regional agreement in hand, we would have the leverage to approach them (ideally the Chinese would do this) and say: “We have a plan for dealing with your collapse. We won’t let you hold us hostage anymore. If you will change your behavior, then we’ll cooperate. If you won’t change your behavior, then we’ll wait you out and pick up the pieces once you’ve collapsed.”

By: Brant

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Wiggins said...

Thanks for the kind words.