20 May 2010

Pak Army Sacrifices Against Taliban

Lost in the rhetoric of the anti-Taliban campaigns of the Pakistani Army are the sacrifices of the forces on the front line there.

"If there was an American dignitary sitting in front of me I would certainly try to ask him, 'What else can a human being do more than sacrificing their life? Has any other army in the world suffered so many casualties fighting militants?'"

That's a question that has often strained relations between the United States and Pakistan, and it's being asked once again after U.S. authorities said a Pakistani-American was behind the attempted bombing in New York's Times Square.

Pakistan's Taliban claimed responsibility and threatened to carry out suicide bombings in major U.S. cities.

Washington wants Islamabad to both crack down harder on Afghan Taliban who cross the border to Afghanistan to support a raging insurgency there, and on homegrown Taliban insurgents.

Many in the United States may wonder why Pakistan, with one of the world's biggest armies, can't just wipe out the Taliban.

The suggestion that Pakistan is not trying hard enough infuriates army officers who remember their fallen comrades.

By: Brant

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Anonymous said...

Their country has more at stake if they don't fight the Taliban. They aren't doing it just for us!