29 May 2010

US Retaliating Against Pakistan?

Is the US planning a retaliatory strike against Pakistan?

A major American newspaper says the U.S. military is developing plans for a unilateral strike in Pakistan, in the event an attack on U.S. soil is traced to the South Asian country.

The Washington Post on Saturday quoted top U.S. military officials as saying the Obama administration has wanted new options on striking Pakistan since a Pakistani-American attempted to attack New York City earlier this month. The U.S. government says Faisal Shahzad received training and support from the Pakistani Taliban.

Saturday's newspaper report quotes unnamed U.S. military officials as saying the U.S. will only consider launching an attack in Pakistan in an extreme situation where current military action is not adequate. The CIA has been using drones (unmanned aircraft) to bomb al-Qaida and Taliban hideouts in Pakistan.

The Washington Post quoted one U.S. military official as saying, other options for an attack in Pakistan could involve small teams of U.S. special forces already along Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. The official says the U.S. has shifted plans from large-scale attacks to calculated responses that target specific militant groups.

By: Brant

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