27 May 2010

Surge In Afghanistan? Send in the Colombians!

After all, if anyone can deal with the expanding drug trade, it's the Colombian Special Forces!
(actually, we have no idea if they're going to work counter-drug missions, we were stuck for a snappy comment...)

Colombia’s Defense Minister confirmed on Wednesday that the country will send 50 soldiers to Afghanistan to join NATO forces.

Minister Gabriel Silva said the Colombian Foreign Ministry has given its approval to the agreement that it could be reached before President Alvaro Uribe leaves office on August 7.

“It’s a group of no more than 50 men, Special Forces with great training,” said Minister Silva, according to the El Tiempo newspaper.

Minister Silva added that Bogota also got ‘green light’ from Spain, under whose flag Colombian troops will operate and from the United States.

h/t to War is Boring, now linked on our left-hand news column.

By: Brant

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