29 May 2010

Russia Wants Answers? Gee... 1941-1991, maybe?

Russia is demanding an explanations on the deployment of U.S. Patriot missiles in Poland. We lah-ti-da...

Moscow expects an explanation on the deployment of U.S. Patriot missiles near the Polish-Russian border, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday.

“We have, so far, been told only one thing: do not worry, this is not aimed against you,” Lavrov told journalists in Moscow.

“We have already heard this in the past and we consider that the new nature of relations between Washington and Warsaw allows us to expect more detailed explanations on what is happening,” he added.

The statement came after the United States opened a temporary military base near the northern Polish town of Morag, 80 km (50 miles) from the Russian border under the Supplemental Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) signed in December 2009.

“We do not understand completely what the need is in taking steps of a military-technical nature to create some military facilities, an infrastructure in close proximity to Russian borders,” Lavrov said. “These are the questions that we ask our Polish colleagues and U.S. partners.”

Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich welcomed on Wednesday the stationing of U.S. Patriot complexes on Polish soil, describing it as an important step in strengthening Poland's security.

He said the deployment of U.S. missiles would also strengthen the “strategic nature of relations between the United States and Poland.”

Here's a thought - quit invading your neighbors, and maybe they'll feel less need to armor up.

By: Brant

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Walt said...

How about those people defending themselves instead of us