27 May 2010

South Korea Holding Exercises, Norks Still Flapping Gums

SKorea holds navy drill; NKorea scraps sea accord - Yahoo! News

Stung by a surprise underwater attack, South Korea flexed its muscles Thursday with anti-submarine drills and a U.S. general offered strong words of support as the allies sent a clear message to adversary North Korea: Don't try it again.

Pyongyang, however, wasted little time in responding, saying it would launch 'immediate physical strikes' against southern ships that enter its waters as tensions spiked further a week after Seoul blamed the North for torpedoing a warship.

Inter-Korean political and economic ties have been steadily deteriorating since the February 2008 inauguration of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, who vowed a tougher line on the North and its nuclear program. But the sinking of the warship Cheonan and deaths of 46 sailors in March have returned military tensions — and the prospect of armed conflict — to the fore.

Off the South's western coast, 10 warships, including a 3,500-ton destroyer, fired artillery and other naval guns and dropped anti-submarine bombs during a one-day exercise to boost readiness, the navy said.

By: Brant

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