28 March 2012

Afghan Bomb Plot Foiled

At least they caught this one early. But finding a cache of suicide vests in the Afghan defense ministry can't be a good sign.

A number of Afghan national army soldiers have been arrested inside the country’s defense ministry over a foiled suicide bomb plot, officials told NBC News.
The soldiers were held on Monday afternoon along with 11 suicide bomb vests in a guard box in the building in the capital, Kabul, army officials said on Tuesday.
So what does this say about the government of Afghanistan Kabul?
"The fact that these arrests took place within the walls of the defense ministry illustrates the level of insurgent penetration within the Afghanistan establishment and just tells you -- gives a signal of -- what is likely to happen when NATO leaves," he said.

But hey, it's OK - Secretary Panetta says attacks by Afghans against NATO are not a trend.

By: Brant

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