28 March 2012

Rearranging the MTOEs... Again...

There's about to be another reshuffling of how the maneuver brigades are organized.

However, whether leaders will make their decision public immediately -- if one is made at all -- is unclear. "An announcement on specific force structure actions is expected sometime before, or in conjunction with, submission of the [fiscal year 2014] President's Budget in early February 2013," service spokeswoman Lt. Col. Peggy Kageleiry wrote in a statement to Inside the Army.

Whatever the roll-out plans, there are strong indications that the leaders will formally decide to reorganize Army BCTs so that each formation has three maneuver battalions. The reshuffling means the service will be left with 32 BCTs, down from 45, when factoring in the end-strength reductions announced by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in January.

That could leave the Army with too many bases for too few brigades, one Army official said, noting the service is keenly aware of the political sensitivities involved in stationing decisions. "Congress doesn't realize it yet fully," said another official, referring to the fallout not only from the end-strength plans but also the BCT reorganization.

By: Brant

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