08 March 2012

Make Your Own Counters - Online

Woohoo! Someone's put up an online counter-maker! It's mainly for PanzerBlitz and Striker, but you could re-purpose it as needed.

By: Brant


Brian said...

Yeah, I found this some time ago but haven't used it yet. It looks very useful!

OJsDad said...

This site talks alot about making counters; http://privatewars.kyth.org/index.htm

This section of the site talks about mounting your counters;

BeRKA said...

Thank you for the link. :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to See Major Mouat's typeface font icons are still being used. He's also got a set of Star Wars fonts and spaceship fonts on same page: http://www.mapsymbs.com/.

yours in gaming,

Jack Nastyface

Brian said...

Major Mouat's fonts are the only things I use now! Among other things, they make my counter and map sheets very small and easy-to-handle files indeed, that convert to PDF quite well.