06 March 2012

Sound Off! Military Metaphors!

What's the best and worst military metaphor you've ever heard applied to a non-military context? We all know there are a ton of sports uses, but what else is there?

Fire for effect in the comments!

By: Brant


Brian said...

I don't have a particular worst example in mind, but the whole practice is just howlingly inappropriate, especially in business contexts. If I never see another picture of a businessman with camouflage paint all over his face, it'll be too soon.

It reaches the heights of low comedy in journalism, especially TV journalism. It's just sad, so sad....

Brant said...

I personally hate organizations with "mission statements".

A mission statement is task-purpose-time. It is a specific thing to get done by a specific time. It is not the overarching philosophy by which you run the organization

Anonymous said...

I frequently use the term "boots on the ground" to talk about the need to have proper resources in place to get a job done. I love the expression.

"On / Off our radar" is one that I sometimes use that most people seem to get.

I once said "we need some more illumination rounds on this one" in a meeting where I was the only attending male. Everyone looked at me like I just grew an arm out of my head.

It's been a long time since I've heard "going ballistic"...which is good thing IMHO.

I use the term "saddle up" all the time with my kids to let them know a departure is imminent.


Jack Nastyface

Dan Eastwood said...

Here's a new one: Weaponized Code.


I think I like it.

besilarius said...

You just made me remember a sailor who actually knew something about the Thirty Years War.
He was always talking about "loading his leather gun."