15 March 2012

Go Mobile in New UAV Side-Scrolling Game

It's more arcade than analytical game, and the text below is corporate PR, but it's still a nifty new mobile Android game that channels Blue Oyster Cult for it's title...

The new Android app, "Fear the Reaper" published by Black Ops Pops uses an old formula (side scrolling shooter, ala Defender) but puts on a modern warfare twist! Fly the famed MQ-9 Reaper drone, used by today's top secret military to attack the bad guys. Since the game uses the accelerometer to fly, one must tilt the screen to and from to navigate the treacherous terrain...Another interesting dimension to this game is the addition of "no-strike targets" represented by mosque symbols -- do not shoot them or the game will detract life from the score.
Luckily for the player, there is an C130 that occasionally flies by and drops a care package. Care packages range from more health (adds more life to bar at the top), stealth mode (Fly right through those pesky enemy radar sites) or diplomatic immunity (shoot through no-strikes).
In keeping with the tradition of fast paced arcade games, these care packages come in very handy as the game progresses. The player is rewarded with more life every 10,000 points.
Black Ops Pops already has one hit game with CamGun -- a novel idea where you use the phone's camera to simulate a first person shooter, like Call of Duty. CamGun allows for the snapping of photos of the kill and upload them to Facebook. Although Fear the Reaper isn't as novel as that app, it has a higher level of arcade amusement.
Download Fear the Reaper in the Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fearthereaper or in the Amazon App Store here: http://www.amazon.com/Mark-Munsell-Fear-The-Reaper/dp/B007JVZM74/

By: Brant

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