27 March 2012

Former Head of Turkey's Military a "Terrorist"?

Are we using "terrorism" and "terrorist" as by-words for anything we don't like? Yes, the Turkish military hierarchy looks bad for the way they've opposed the actions of the Erdogan government. And yes, there's probably something to the charges that Basbug faces. But does that mean he's a terrorist?

Turkey's former armed forces chief raised a clenched fist and waved to supporters when he faced terrorism charges on Monday in a historic trial that demonstrates the ebbing power of an army that once ranged above political leaders in the country.
The court, sitting in the Silivri high security prison complex, underlined the fall of the military by denying General Ilker Basbug's opening appeal to have his case considered by the Supreme Court.
Basbug, chief of staff from 2008 to 2010, is accused of being a leader of a shadowy network dubbed "Ergenekon", behind a string of alleged plots against the government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. His lawyer, however, said at the weekend the case targeted not only Basbug, but also "the Turkish armed forces and even, in political terms, the state."

By: Brant

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