16 March 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: Tactical Combat in the Middle East

Toshach Miniatures has a PB/PL "update" that they call Tactical Combat in the Middle East (TCME).

There's no BGG or CSW boards for this one, either!

What do you guys think? Cool? Uncool? Build your own mods with the counter generator from earlier in the week?

h/t to Mark at LNLP for bringing this one to our attention

Master links/images from Boardgamegeek.com; message boards linked to Consimworld. Other links to the actual game pages...

By: Brant

1 comment:

Brian said...

Looks kind of neat. I haven't played any Arab-Israeli Wars since I worked on Steppe Leader (a homemade PB/AIW crossover). Bound to be less complicated than Sands of War, one would think.