02 November 2012

East Coast Stoms

I was talking with Longblade (from GrogHeads) yesterday about the storm.  We pretty much agreed that there are going to be two completely different lessons that people are going to take from the storm.

One group of people are going to say "Holy crap! There's no way the current government capabilities can handle something like this.  I need to improve my preparations to take care of myself in case this ever happens again."

The other group of people are going to say "Holy crap! There's no way the current government capabilities can handle something like this.  We need to increase the government's capabilities and give them more control."

And while there's probably some truth to both of those statements, you can probably guess where I come down on this one.

By: Brant


Pete Maidhof said...

Having made it through the storm on Long Island, NY with only a 2 day power outage, I consider myself lucky. I have been entertained, if that is the right word, comparing on contrasting NY and NJ's actions and reaction, particularly the gas shortage situation. NJ Governor has been out front, establishing a form of rationing, odd-even license plate system (I remembered those from the early 70's) declaring at the start theat NJ State Troopers would enforce his plan. On the contrary, NY Goveror Cuomo seems to want to wish and will a resolution. First declaring the National Guard would establish mobile fueling points and providing $10 of free gas. At first, the points were not set up, then as one could guess they were bum-rushed and had to suspend operations. Gas lines are still outrageous. Now the NY Governor is telling three or four more days of this. I find these lines an embarrassment and testement to a poor response by both the elected offices and local utilities.

Brant said...

Pete - glad you're OK!

Just out of curiosity, since you mentioned gas... how many people do you know that got themselves a few gallons of fuel before the storm to have their own reserve stash if needed?
A friend on mine in Maryland topped off both cars and had 12 gallons in reserve (mainly for his generator) in case they were needed.

Pete Maidhof said...

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I did not know anyone who truely pre-positioned fuel reserves for themselves. I did have the opportunity driving to a remote location on 10/31, as our office was down for a full week, and heard a radio report that there *may" be storm related gas shortages. As I was driving by an open gas station with the attendant just standing there, in I went, filled up and that had me fueled for the week.

I still feel that the response, both by our elected officals and the leadership of the utilities is embarrassing. By the way on Thursday, the NY Governor, after I'm sure careful deliberations, declare odd/even gas "rationing and boo, the lines essentially went away (at least in Suffolk County). Is it the rationing or was the problem working itself our - probably a little bit of both.