06 November 2012

Sound Off! Political Changes

With the US election going on, it makes us stop to think - what's the one political change that can/should be imposed on the US military?

You thoughts below

By: Brant

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brian said...

Weird - your post is dated 6 November and I am seeing it only now, on the 9th. (Yes, I do check Grognews every day, sometimes twice.)

Anyway, Obama got re-elected.

Political change to impose on the American military? Well, getting rid of DADT was about the only thing I could think of and that's been done, to no apparent ill effect on anyone. It's hard to think of anything else.

In my province we have a law that civil servants who retire or otherwise leave public service are not allowed to go to work as lobbyists for at least two years after they leave office. I might suggest some kind of similar requirement for the many and varied general officers (it seems to be mostly Air Force though every service does it) who retire one day and the very next show up as lobbyists or Board members or some kind of sinecure holder for the coporations who courted them while they were in service. A little bit too incestuous for me.