13 November 2012

Sound Off! Best Military Meal

What's the best meal you've ever had served to you in the military?

By: Brant


Brian said...

Oh, you hit something there - some of the most durable memories I have are of food.

For a year or two I was Adjutant of a composite infantry unit in Ottawa that worked out of an Air Force base. The food was _very_ good there!

In fact, the food was almost always good when I was in, if a little unimaginative. I remember only one meal that I didn't finish (that is, when I had time to finish it), a very greasy and bad lamb curry.

But the best meal I remember having was while on exercise down in Yakima Firing centre, a semi-desert area at the height of summer: a red Popsicle that I had to eat first before it melted, and then a tepid chicken leg and some rice eaten out of my canteen cup downwind of the carriers vrooming back and forth as they went into laager, so everything had a fine coating of dust. I had been carrying a machine gun receiver in the sun all day and this was the first solid thing I'd had to eat since sunrise. It was so delicious.

Pete Maidhof said...

I always enjoyed the Desert Shield/Desert Storm-era Spagetti in Meat Sauce MRE. Lived on it for some months back in the day. If you had the opportunity to heat it up and add the cheese packet (melted), standby.

besilarius said...

The Admiral's mess on the Saratoga occasionally requisitioned a case of lobster.
A quick thinking storekeeper lost his grip and the case fell onto the deck and was dented.
The Chief Storekeeper checked the damage, decided it was not repairable and surveyed the lot.
Took a bit of doing, but that division had lobsters for a night.

Anonymous said...

Had a rockin' good london broil at the general dining facility at Ft Irwin when I was there for the leaders' training program back in the late-90s.