26 November 2012

Monday Video: Syrian Opposition Armor

Following the recent capture of a Syrian Army base outside of Damascus, the Syrian opposition is starting to field their own armored force.
h/t Rex
By: Brant


Brian said...

I see a bunch of "technicals" done up Mad Max style at a tank park, where nothing else appears to be moving.

If/when video surfaces of actual AFV battles, then I'll believe the opposition has its own armored force.

Anonymous said...

Do these guys have the know-how to properly use an AFV? It's not like driving the family car.

Rex Brynen said...

So far the Syrian opposition has destroyed around three hundred regime AFVs, and captured about a hundred others. While there has been some video of limited armour-on-armour engagements, captured AFVs are rarely used for long (ammo +maintenance problems) and when used are generally used as fire support for attacks on fixed checkpoints and bases. The video above shows the rebels after having successfully overrun a Syrian mechanized regiment HQ/barracks--a fairly substantial accomplishment (and one that also brought with it a large supply of MANPADS--one Mi-17 and one unidentified MiG have already gone down to these).