28 November 2012

Garbage Delivery

This is a captured Palestinian garbage truck from Gaza. The truck is set up to fire 9 Kasem rockets and then drive off innocently. The note pasted on the drivers door says "In case of traffic violations, please contact the Palestinian Authority".

By: Brant


Hipshot said...

looks like drainage to me.

Jack Nastyface said...

yeah...I don't want to sound like a doubter, but...you'd think there would be just a touch more blast damage to the trailer and to the cab if the tubes had actually been used to fire rockets. The bottom of the truckbed also appears to recessed into the bottom of the bed, so the supports,etc would be impinging on the so-called rocket tubes.

Sorry, but I'd need to see photos of it loaded to convince me.


Jack Nastyface

Rex Brynen said...

The picture is actually from Basra, in Iraq, not from Gaza--you can tell from the phone number on the side (which isn't a Gaza area code) and, more tellingly, from the British APC behind the truck on the right. ;)