27 November 2012

Sound Off! More Camouflage!

Last week we asked about US camo.  This week, we want you to tell us what you think the most effective non-US camo pattern is out there...
British DPM?
German Flecktarn?
Something else?
Sound off below!

By: Brant


Brian said...

Now I gotta say "it depends". Effective camouflage depends on the terrain you're operating in. I used to have some Italian camo that would have been fine if I wanted to hide in an olive grove, but it didn't work in a Pacific rain forest.

Dotty-specky patterns like Flecktarn and the old SS pattern probably would work well for Euripean deciduous forests, and so they seem to have done. British DPM seems to be used by many nations of the world no matter what the local vegetation, which suggests it's a good general use pattern. Yet other armies have done fine without camouflage patterns at all, e.g. the North Vietnamese Army which did OK with a plain green cloth that mixed with the jungle, and judicious use of greenery and cloth to break up outlines.
Sometimes armies issue camouflage for some kind of "morale" effect: in the 90s the Canadian Army issued a camouflage jacket in a really vile pattern that wasn't at all useful, and the jacket was made out of this cheap nylon material... it was part of "garrison dress" which meant it was to be worn indoors or for working, with shiny boots... why did they do it, to make everyone look like paratroopers? Aanyway, it did not last long.

Brian said...

Oh, what I menat to say was: