09 August 2011

The Charlies Are Announced

This year's CSR Awards for wargaming have been released.
A few highlighted categories that include from friends of GrogNews. Winners in bold.

Best Post-WW2 Era Board Wargame

A Week in Hell: The Battle of Hue (issue #3) (by Laurent Guenette), Battles magazine
Hearts and Minds: Vietnam 1965-1975 (by John Poniske), Worthington Games
Labyrinth: The War on Terror (by Volko Ruhnke), GMT Games
World at War: The Untold Stories (by Mark H Walker), Lock 'n Load Publishing
Yalu (2nd edition) (by John Hill), Compass Games

Best Magazine Game

A Week in Hell (by Laurent Guenette), Battles magazine
Buffalo Wings (issue #29) (by John D. Webster), Against the Odds magazine (ATO)
Fury in the East (by Ginichiro Suzuki), Multi Man Publications, Inc. (MMP)
Race for Berlin: The Final Struggle (issue #4) (by Francois-Xavier Euzet), Battles magazine
Tarleton's Quarter! (issue #28) (by Mike Joslyn), Against the Odds magazine (ATO)

Best Computer Game Graphics

Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris
Gary Grigsby’s War in the East: The German-Soviet War 1941-1945 (2by3 Games/ Matrix)
MapMod -alternate graphics packages (new this past year, France '14, Kharkov' '43)
Napoleon Total War (Creative Assembly)
Revolution Under Siege

Best Professional Game Magazine

Against the Odds, Against the Odds magazine (ATO)
Battles Magazine, Battles magazine
C3i magazine, RBM Publications
Strategy & Tactics
World at War, Decision Games

James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award

Labyrinth: The War on terror

Rex scooped me this time... but hey, I was on the road all day

By: Brant


Matt Purvis said...

I wasn't sure I wanted to play Labyrinth, but it looks like I should.
Anyone in the Triangle with a copy?

Brant said...

Gamer's Armory :)

Seriously, if you track one down, I'll give it a spin over at GA some day with you

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Volko Ruhnke, not only for the post-WW2 Charlie but for the JFD Elegance award. COIN games don't often get this recognition (Algeria got a nomination in 2007 and that's all I remember).