12 August 2011

Random Friday Wargaming: Guerrilla Checkers

One of the hits of last week's Connections conference was Guerrilla Checkers by Brian Train. He built a handful of 'giveaway' kits and made a nice splash during demo time with handing them out. It also became a hit over the registration table with the CASL staff.

Look folks, it builds off of Checkers. There's nothing fancy about it. And that's the brilliance of it. Simple, elegant design and meaningful decisions - perfect.
Download your own set of rules on his site... for free! (RTF file)

No CSW forum yet... maybe he oughta start one?!

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By: Brant

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Anonymous said...

Wow Brant, I never thought I'd be in the Friday Wargaming column! Thanks! I appreciate it.

I didn't start a CSW forum on it because it's an abstract game, which doesn't fit with the theme of the site - but there are a few such there, including one on chess... well maybe I will. Meanwhile, all of three people on BGG confess to owning a copy, one of them me.

I was very gratified by how the NDU/CASL people, and other people at the conference, received the game. I've had a few offers to develop some kind of web or mobile app for the game, and hope to get something done by the end of the year.