02 August 2011

Connections 2011, Day 2, Afternoon Demos

1300 - 1500 Demos
Item to be demoed, names of demoers, organization of demoers
- Various, Joseph Miranda, Wargame Designer MCS Group
- Virtual AC2I Wargame Experiment, Mark Sturgell & Dr. Jonathan Compton, 711 Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Lab
- Persian Incursion, Larry Bond and Chris Carlson
- Sandtable System, Nicholas Iorio, Bae Systems
- Sittingbad, Joe Saur, GTRI
- Simulation-Based Analysis & Training (SimBAT), Tim Smith
- Guerilla Checkers, Brian Train
- GEMSTONE, Ellie Bartels and Brant Guillory

So the 'demo' / playtest turned into a lot of talking about the game, rather than playing it. I think a lot of people learned a lot about how the model works and got a sense of what's going on under the hood, but we didn't really play the game at all.

By: Brant


Brian said...

Unfortunately, I was kept busy demonstrating my "Guerilla Checkers" and had not chance to check out what was going on in the other rooms. I really wanted to see what your GEMSTONE game was like.


Brant said...

"I was kept busy" -why is that unfortunate? They were a hit!