17 August 2011

GameTalk - Definitions

Define "wargame"


By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Something I don't get to play pretty much every anymore due to children! :)

RangerX3X said...

A war-game would be any game regardless of genre where the player is required to make some form of input that will affect the outcome of a specific mission or scenario, and presents that player with random unscripted events which can affect the result of any action and cause reassessment of the approach taken.

Dan Eastwood said...

Are you saying "GO" is a the definition of a wargame? ;-)

Wargame [wawr-geym] (noun): A game which simulates conflict over the possession of territory, or control* over the field of play.

* this is intended to cover games that might not have maps or territory, but have some more abstract sort of objective.