16 August 2011

Norks to US/South: "Waaah"

If it's Tuesday, the Norks must be complaining about something again.

The US and South Korea have begun a joint military drill to improve combat readiness on the Korean peninsula.

The annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise brings together 530,000 forces in Korea and abroad, using computer programmes to simulate war situations.

North Korea has reacted furiously to the exercises, which run for 10 days.

It called them "an undisguised military threat" and a "wanton challenge to peace" in the official Rodong Sinmum newspaper last week.

I'm curious how the Norks would've characterized their sinking of the Cheonan. Was it "an undisguised military threat" or a "wanton challenge to peace"? What say you?

By: Brant

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