26 August 2011

Random Friday Wargaming Special: Two-fer P500 Edition

First off... we're late. Sorry - there's been a lot afoot in real life here.
Second, we're doing something a little bit different and bringing you some p500 preview announcements of expansions to 2 of our favorite games.

Graphic from GMT Games.

GMT has announced a p500 for an expansion to their lite Napoleonic-era game Manoeuvre. Manoeuvre: Distant Lands brings you a few rules tweaks, and adds the Swedes to the European-centric countermix. But then they also throw in China, Japan, and India.
With this expansion, you can now fight the Brits in India, or the French in China, or the Russians with Japan. Or heck, have the US invade Sweden!
Place you p500 order here on GMT's site for Manoeuvre: Distant Lands.
Manoeuvre is a fantastic little grid-and-counter game that plays in about 90 minutes or so and doesn't take a lot of learning to figure out. The situations are more 'generic' than 'historical' but when you're teaching a new wargamer, or only have an afternoon while the baby is napping, it's perfect.
You can find the ConSimWorld discussion board here.
Here's the PDF link to the playtest counters.

Just announced this week, the guys at Lock'n'Load Publishing have moved the World at War storyline across the Atlantic. After the red horde rolled across Europe and into Paris, the war eventually found it's way to US shores, and now you get World at War: America Conquered (place p500 order here). Included are a variety of Central/South American units, irregulars, militias, and Boy Scout Troops! (OK, we made that last one up). The World at War, with its LOF and online expansions, gives you fights in Central Europe, South Africa, Korea, China, and soon, Florida!
There's no BGG link yet, but there's a lively and active ConSimWorld forum for the W@W series here.

Graphic from Lock'n'Load Publishing.  Click to enlarge

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By: Brant

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