22 August 2011

UK In Action: Dogs Eye View

Pictured is an MOD search dog, trained in detecting explosives, with his handler. The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) has one of the largest Dog Sections of all British Police Forces. General Purpose (GP) Police Dogs and their handlers are deployed at 23 Dog Sections across the United Kingdom. The GP teams are trained and licensed in accordance with the National Police Dog Assessment Model. Selected teams will undertake further training to enable them to deploy in a tactical firearms support role alongside firearms officers. The Force operates several classifications of specialist search dogs which are deployed to search and indicate the presence of explosives and drugs, as well as firearms. All dog teams within the Force Dog Section undertake regular Refresher Course and Continuation Training which is delivered by accredited instructors.

img from UK MoD

By: Widow 6-7

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Anonymous said...

Labs are teh bomb, so to speak. They make darn good working dogs.