01 August 2011

Connections, Day 1, sort of...

OK, so I missed the bulk of today's activities, because I was in IPRs and briefings from 0830 - 1435, straight through lunch. I caught the tail end of Matt's lunch. The icebreaker was quite a bit of fun. In addition to finally meeting the inestimable Brian Train face-to-face, and hanging out with Rex Brynen, we also had Larry Bond, Peter Perla, and host of other luminaries schmoozing about the NDU atrium. Tonight, it's hanging in the hotel lobby with whoever's staying here with us, and tomorrow the real fun begins.

- Wargaming 101, Mr. Matt Caffrey, Col USAF (ret), AFRL
- U.S. National Defense 101, John Gresham, author
- Walking Tour of Fort McNair (1500 to 1600)
1600-1800 Ice Breaker

By: Brant

1 comment:

Brian said...

"Inestimable" - not sure how you meant that - "unquantifiable", perhaps?

Seriously, it was great to meet you in person at last, and thank you for the invitation to speak. This was a great Connections for me.