22 August 2011

Roundup of Libya's Busy Weekend

Unless you've been in a coma, or on a camping trip for the weekend, you know that Libya has moved into the endgame of the Ghaddafi regime, and members of his family have been detained.
Al Jazeera has a running Libya Live Blog that's staying on top of the situation, but at a low-level view.
The English-language Tripoli Post has a nice summary of international press content on the Libyan Revolution, among other articles.
MSNBC asks the really important question: Can anyone unite Libya? The real key is looking to see what happens within the next 72 hours. Once the party stops, what happens next? With a power vacuum, does Tripoli look like Baghdad in the week after Saddam fell? Or will some authority emerge to keep Libyan society from slipping over the criminal edge?
Finally, the Washington Post has a good gallery of images from the revolution.

Oh, and this nice quip from Rex Brynen: "Tripoli has been deQaddafinated?"

By: Brant

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