27 December 2011

Aussies Looking for Recruits

The Australian Defence Force is looking overseas for new troops, and hoping to target some of the recently-released US, UK, and Canadian forces just back from overseas.

The Australian Defence force is trying to recruit laid-off soldiers, sailors and air crew from Britain, the US and other western countries in order to fill quotas.

The Australian reports the navy has sent a delegation to Britain to discover how many retrenched sailors, particularly engineers, are available.

A report on maintenance in Australia's navy suggested that as many as 200 engineers are needed to rebuild lost expertise.

The paper reports the department also is looking for defence specialists, such as fighter pilots, submarine crews and officers and are offering fast-tracked Australian citizenship as an incentive.

By: Brant

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Kevin (The Big Board) said...

bigger question is why are all the Aussies leaving the force?
The Armed forces in Oz have been the poor cousin of Federal spending for a long time.
IF we must have an oppressive tax and spend regime in Oz then lets at least do the right thing by the Military arms and pay to retain the men and women who fight for us and who have been taught critical skills.