23 December 2011

Patriot Missiles to China?

DefenseTech is all over this story, so you can read the rest there, but here's a quick excerpt:

No one seems to know how 69 of the U.S.’ prized air defense missiles ended up on a ship bound for China but this kind of movement can only happen with the approval of someone in high places.
Keep in mind that Germany has a bunch of Patriot missiles and has sold its older Patriots to South Korea during times of high tension with North Korea. Finnish authorities couldn’t say if the ship was planning on making any stops before it arrived in China. It’s plausible the missiles found aboard the Thor Liberty are a German shipment bound for South Korea but you’d think we’d have heard about the deal; you’d also think they wouldn’t be “badly stored” and marked as fireworks.

Now, it turns out the Germans have claimed them as a part of a legit shipment, but something just really smells wrong here. We're going to keep an eye on the one as it develops. Track it over at DefenseTech, and watch for their RSS headlines in our left-hand sidebar.

By: Brant

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