20 December 2011

Sound Off! Dutch or Belgians!

Another of our classic national throw-downs...

Is the better military heritage the

Belgians! Rulers of central Africa and small-but-mighty power in a variety of European land wars!

Dutch! Sailed the great oceans, settled far Eastern colonies, and still own Aruba!

Pick one, piss off the other, and duck for cover in the comments below!

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Dutch. Just b/c of Aruba

- Mike P

Anonymous said...

The Dutchies pass, by de lef' han side....

Anonymous said...

The Belgians have a decent miliary museum. The Dutch have coffeeshops.

Advantage Netherlands.

besilarius said...

During a NATO wargame, Ocean Safari 75, held in the North Atlantic, my ship was part of a carrier screen around the Independence and HMS Ark Royal.
One of the other destroyers was Dutch, believe it may have been DeRuyter, but too long ago.
As we moved up to the Arctic Circle, a couple of subs worked on getting through the screen.
At one point, the Dutch ship got a sonar contact and vigorously prosecuted it. So much so, that the formation began to steam over the horizon, and the captain ignored constant messages of recall.
Finally, the british screen commander got on the horn. "Thank you for participating in our little exercise. Hope that you enjoy yourself. Goodbye."
I guess they made it back home, we never saw them again during the exercise.

Anonymous said...

Best raid on the Poms ever.