19 December 2011

Some People Fire Guns In The Air...

... in mourning, the Norks fire missiles.

North Korea test-fired a short-range missile on its eastern coast on Monday, the day its leader Kim Jong-il's death was announced, South Korean media reported.

I mean, really - it's like New Year's in Salinas. You fire a bottle rocket / gun / missile in the air, it's gotta come down somewhere. There's gotta be a better way to celebrate.

An unnamed South Korean official was quoted by Yonhap news agency as saying he did not believe the launch was linked to the announcement of Kim's death.
"This is something that the military has continued to follow, and we believe it is not related to the death of Chairman Kim Jong-il," Yonhap quoted the official as saying.

Ah well, leave it to the Southies to kill a good riff.

By: Brant

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