14 December 2011

Skippy Gets Serious

You need to read the latest from Skippy's list.

SGT Biddle was not my friend. He had in fact stated that expressly on more than one occasion. He felt we were “buddies” which is to say people the Army forced together whether they liked each other or not, but who were entitled to the same type of loyalty and decency as a friend.

SGT Biddle did not always appreciate my sense of humor, but he liked it enough to encourage me when I wasn’t interfering with anything pressing, and even suggested that comedy might be a good career choice for when I got out.

SGT Biddle was never my supervisor. In fact, when we first met I technically outranked him, due to a mishap that occurred just before he finished Special Forces Medical Sergeant training. But he did teach me how to field strip an M-60, how to operate it properly, and pretty much every useful skill I needed to learn as I transitioned from a Mutli-Media Illustrator who worked in an air conditioned office to a soldier who could be depended upon on a Tactical PSYOP team.

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By: Brant

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Anonymous said...

wow - that was a powerful article. sucks about SGT Biddle, but nice that he was so well thought of by skippy