02 December 2011

Pak ROE Changing After NATO Attack

Our overpaid frenemy is "adjusting" their rules of engagement to allow them to shoot back in "self defense". Or maybe it's the first step down the path of just telling them to shoot us for whatever reason they feel like.

Pakistan's commanders in the wild Afghan border region can return fire if attacked without waiting for permission, the army chief said, a change in rules of engagement that could stoke tension after Saturday's NATO strike killed 24 Pakistani troops.
The attack sparked fury in Pakistan and further complicated U.S.-led efforts to ease a crisis in relations with Islamabad, still seething at a secret U.S. raid in May which killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and stabilize the region before foreign combat troops leave Afghanistan in 2014.
"I do not want there to be any doubt in the minds of any commander at any level about the rules of engagement," Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani said in a communique on Friday.
"In case of any attack, you have complete liberty to respond forcefully using all available resources. You do not need any permission for this."

By: Brant

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Anonymous said...

maybe if NATO knows the Pakis will shoot back, they might back off some