31 December 2011

Kim Jong Un Collecting More Titles

I mean really, what 28-year-old baby-faced brat doesn't want another title in running the country his father left him.

North Korea said Saturday that Kim Jong Un has been officially named supreme commander of the military, further strengthening his authority after the death of his father.
Officials and state media have bestowed on Kim Jong Un, who is in his late 20s, a string of titles as North Korea's elite rally around him after Kim Jong Il's death in mid-December after 17 years in power.
But the title Supreme Commander — and its formal proclamation by the powerful Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party — is a clear sign that Kim Jong Un is fast consolidating power over North Korea. It's also the latest step in a burgeoning personality cult around him.

Now, this bit from the article is funny...

"This is a historic event reflecting the unanimous will of the service persons and the people to defend the dignity of the country," the official Korean Central News Agency said.

Defend the dignity of the country?! Really? Dignity? Hell, I could defend the "dignity" of North Korea with a Nerf gun and flak jacket made of spaghetti.

By: Brant

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