12 December 2011

Pak Taliban Peace Talks?

If we don't negotiate with terrorists, why would we be talking to the Pakistan Taliban? Is it perhaps that - like virtually any other aphorism - it looks good on a bumper sticker but is inadequate for the real world?

The Pakistani Taliban is in peace talks with the Pakistani government, a senior commander in the militant group said Saturday. He said negotiations were "progressing well" and could soon end in a formal agreement.
The statement by Maulvi Faqir Mohammad is the first time a named Taliban commander has confirmed that the group is negotiating with the Pakistani government. But it is unclear whether he speaks for entirety of the network, which is believed to have splintered into different factions over the last year.
Mohammad, said to be the deputy chief of the Pakistani Taliban, said his men had held "peace talks with relevant government officials."
"They are progressing well, and we may soon sign a formal peace agreement with the government," he said in a telephone conversation.

Oh wait... it's the Pak government. So it's terrorists negotiating with other terrorists. That's OK, isn't it?

By: Brant

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