11 December 2011

Comedy in the Face of Adversity

Is the captured RQ170 drone really tweeting from Iran? Seriously, these are funny... whoever this is has a future in military-cockup-conspiracy humor.

RQ170 RQ-170 Sentinel
My main interrogator's name is Mansoor. It's distracting how much he looks like Bobby Jindal

RQ170 RQ-170 Sentinel
"Yeah, I violated your airspace. Just like I violated your m--" That's as far as I got before Mansoor slapped me.

RQ170 RQ-170 Sentinel
That's just hurtful, sir. @lawrencedo99 That downed US "#drone" the Iranians are showing off looks too much like a movie prop.
h/t Doctrine Man

There's actually a few other UAVs on Twitter, too... some are pretty funny
Drunk Predator Drone (drunkenpredator) on Twitter
Frat Reaper (partyreaper) on Twitter

By: Brant

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