13 December 2011

Israeli Army Base Attacked... By Israelis?!

Yep, some right-wing settlers staged a "protest" that included an attack on an amy base.

Radical Jewish settlers attacked an army base and staged protests in a closed military zone on the Jordan border overnight, sparking a sharp condemnation on Tuesday from the Israeli premier.
In the early hours of Tuesday morning, around 50 settlers forced their way onto a key army base in the northern West Bank and vandalised military vehicles there following rumours troops were about to evacuate settlement outposts, the military said.
Several hours earlier, some 30 settlers broke into a Christian baptismal site in a closed military zone along the Jordanian border to stage a protest.
Both incidents were swiftly condemned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who ordered the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) "to act aggressively" against anyone attacking Israeli troops.
"This incident must be completely condemned. The security forces need to concentrate on defending our citizens and not on such outrageous lawbreaking," he said in a statement.

Alright Brian - how the hell do you wargame this one?

By: Brant

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Brian Train said...

Jeez, you're asking me to pull new games out of my fundament just like that....I'd slap together a quick scenario from Civil Power.


This is a Riot type scenario that takes place at night. Play on the East Map only, (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/137631/civil-power) the area called The Park becomes the vehicle compound.

Place the four Trucks, three cars, and the Tank in the vehicle compound, one vehicle per square. Place the Donut Wagon in the square north of the word "The Squat" (represents the Division Commander's vehicle). Vehicles may not be driven away or totherwise used by either side during the game.

The Mob player starts with 6 Pistol Punk units (treated as 1-3-3-4 units as in the "Raus! West Berlin" scenario), four Agitators and ten Molotov Cocktails. His forces enter together on any edge of the map. Mob units may not enter buildings.

The Police player starts with all ten Reserve platoons (five armed and five unarmed) and three Gas Guns, mixed face down. He may enter one platoon, chosen randomly, each turn, at the Barracks (building D, the row of houses on the western part of the map). If he draws a Gas Gun he may place it with any platoon already in the game. His armed platoons may use baton rounds.

Both players are at Engagement Level 1 from the start but may not increase the level. The Mob Tactical Disintegration Number is 30.

The game ends when there are no Mob player units left inside the vehicle compound.

Mob VP adjustments: The Mob player gets 3 points for each vehicle damaged (by throwing rocks at the vehicle and scoring a W result on the Fire CRT) and 2 points for each vehicle destroyed (by fire from a Molotov). Double the award for damaging or destroying the Division Commander's vehicle.

Police VP adjustments: -1 for each WIA, -3 for each KIA inflicted on the Mob player.

The winner is the player with more VP.

Special rule: If the Tank is successfully set on fire, roll 1d6 - on a 6 it explodes, and attacks all units in and adjacent to its square with a Fire Combat Strength of 20.

OK, how about that? Best I could come up with in 20 minutes.