13 December 2011

Sound Off! Lasers or Paint

Recreational wargaming with your buddies - do you bust out

Paintball? Make 'em pay with a stinger for getting hit, and load up on laundry afterwards!

Laser tag? Buggy handsets be damned - I want n-range beams and sci-fi effects!

Take aim and fire in the comments below :)

By: Brant


Guardian said...

Simunitions :).

(I wish).

I hardly have enough time for sustainment training with real guns, never mind toys, but I do play a bit of Laser-Tag with my son and random strangers at the local arena.

Lately, Airsoft has had a lot of appeal to me. I love the aesthetics of certain guns, but it's prohibitively expensive to collect the real ones and some are difficult to obtain. So I'm thinking of building a collection of high-quality AirSoft replicas of guns that my heart loves but my mind dismisses as impractical for my applications: the Bushmaster ACR, the HK MP5 (several variants) and MP7, the FN P90, the FN F2000, the HK G36, etc.

What can I say, I'm a strange bird.

Anonymous said...

My brother got one of the old laser tag home games for Christmas and it worked like crap. Hated it. But the most fun I ever had with Laser Tag was a giant warehouse in Baltimore that had been converted to a huge laser tag place that could hold 15-man teams and it was awesome.

tacticspt said...

I currently run training and gaming packages with Small Arms Transmitter Receiver SATR gaming guns (infra red guns).

I find that these are better than paintball or airsoft because of the team events you can run (no eye or face protection required).
We even teach a watered down orders process so the gamer can plan his own mission.

I am based in the UK and have 25 years military experience (i retired 2 weeks ago) so use this to create realistic gaming sessions.

Check out his video of what we do.